Miyerkules, Agosto 3, 2011

Like I'm The Only Girl in the World

Last month, my dear friend / co-blogger Sasa Abdul invited me to have a pictorial at Ayala Resort Hotel. As an aspiring model. Of course I didn’t hesitate to say yes. And the results are all stunning (for me!). Very Only Girl in the World By Rihanna on her Music Vid. Haha! =)

My close-up shot. Hair & Make-Up by ME! Haha! =)

 This was my outfit before the photoshoot. I was wearing a Thrifted Peach Lace Top, HK Brand Denim Jeans, Gibi Nude Brogues & a Louis Vuitton Bag. Talking about Lazy / Sweet Outfit. 

And this is my BEST SHOT! (for me!) =)


Huwebes, Hulyo 21, 2011


Hi! I am 
Swendyrella Basman Abdullah
22, Philippines! =)


I named this blog of mine with that word because it is my-own-invented-word-from-my-name-which-is-Swendyrella and it means ALL THE THINGS I LOVE (obviously!). Yes, that's the meaning of Swendyrellic! All the things I love, I like, I adore, I admire, I fantasize, I love, I love, & I love! Haha! So, expect that all of the things that I will be posting here are ALL SWENDYRELLIC! =)

Xs & Os.